Fairy Gardening With Kids (in Wisconsin!)


Last summer, the kids and I embarked on a fun, little, and currently quite popular mission….making fairy gardens.  I can tell it has become “all the rage” because the items needed for it are starting to be seen everywhere!  Bruce Company, in Middleton, WI has a fantastic display inside the store of all sorts of figures and furniture. Outside, come May, they have a huge table in the greenhouse of plants suitable for fairy gardens.  Jung Seeds also has some plants set up suitable for fairy gardens in the spring as well.

The idea of the fairy garden is to set up a little garden and scene in miniature.   The plants you include usually tend to stay very small ideally.  From there, you’re imagination can run truly wild.  There are tons of items you can make yourself to add to a fairy garden.  Just do a Pinterest search and you’ll see.  For our fairy gardens, we decided to try them first in pots.

I’m terrible at bringing pots indoors in the winter, so I thought I’d try a couple of plants that were cold-hardy.  I want to keep them coming back year after year.  I may try to add in some annuals this summer though too.  Our plants came from Bruce Co.  The fairy garden accessories were from Plow and Hearth and Bruce Co.  I picked up shallow but wider pots for the fairy gardens because I thought it would give a better display surface.   The kids loved picking out a couple of fairies and acccessories to add to their gardens, as well as helping me pick the plants.  My daughter received a set of fairy garden items for her birthday, which helped prompt this whole craze for us!


I have silene acaulis and hen and chicks in this cute container. My daughter helped set up all her little figurines, and gathered the stones to add in.


3 small plants, include hen and chicks, silene acaulis and a sedum are in this cute container.


The hen and chicks flourished in these pots, but also must have become slightly stressed because they flowered.  The flowering was BIG fun because they made “flower trees” for the pots and the kids loved it.

I can’t tell if all my plants are coming back this spring yet, but for SURE this one is:


It is called a silene acaulis and it already has teeny green bits coming back.  So I KNOW that one is super cold hardy.  It stayed in the pot on my deck all winter. Next year I will be more careful with my pots and bring them into the garage if need be, but you know, with kids, we got side tracked and never did it!  At least I know the silene is a survivor!

I have found the PERFECT place for a fairy garden on the ground at our new house….think moss covered tree trunk near our patio.  It’s going to be great, especially when I add a little door to the tree.   I’ll keep you posted on that progress.

Last year, we went to the botanical garden in Austin, TX at Zilker Park.  There was a fantastic trail through the woods with many, many fairy garden set-ups and ideas!  Take a look:



I LOVE the bunting with this one.  Must try this idea!





I love the idea of using found, natural objects for this….thinking of rocks, sticks, tree bark, and more.

Thank heavens the spring has sprung around here, and we can start thinking about doing this gardening again.  Gardening is such a fun rewarding hobby to enjoy with your kids.



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