Easy Project: Burlap Valentine Banner


I see a lot of cute burlap ideas when scanning Pinterest, and I’ve recently seen lots of photos of burlap banners with cute hearts on them for Valentine’s Day.  Type in “burlap heart banner” and you’ll get a multitude of hits with ideas.  So this is nothing new.  BUT, since I had all of the items I needed, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

First off, I gathered supplies.  Since I have tons of fabric scraps from all my daughter’s dress projects, I had plenty of red and pink fabrics.


Then I needed burlap.  Now, the nice thing about being the family craft guru is….people collect stuff for you that they think you might want for your crafts. So this Christmas, I was given a bag of random burlap bags. I had no idea what I might do with said burlap bags, but I took it.  And bam-o….now I’ve got a project for that burlap!  Wahoo!

The next steps were simple.  I made templates for a heart and a pennant out of scrap cardstock and traced out my designs on the fabrics.


Then I just sewed them together.  Since it’s a shabby chic style, there’s really no need to measure things perfectly or even sew perfectly.  That is my kind of project!

I added a simple 1 inch-ish "hem" to the top through which to string the yarn.

I added a simple 1 inch-ish “hem” to the top through which to string the yarn.

I enlisted the help of my kids to finish the last few parts of the banner (they like to help me sew sometimes).  Then, with further help from my kiddos, we strung the pieces onto pink yarn and hung it up over my transom window.  Valentine’s Day decor!  Done!  I love how it turned out!




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