Kids in the Garden


Teaching kids to garden or enjoy gardens, is invaluable.  It seems as though there are so many lessons to be taught around plants.  Their habitats, structure, life cycle.  Their part of the food chain.  The WORK that gets put into “creating” food for us to eat.  And the list goes on.  So, therefore, I get my kids to be outside enjoying gardens with me as much as possible.  They are not always interested, but when they are, they are learning, learning, learning.

This year, I told the kids they could each have their very own garden plot to take care of.  They could pick out the flowers themselves and plant them (we didn’t do any veggies….those are all in the larger beds).  They get to weed and water and do whatever they want with their own plants (like pick the flowers or not).  It’s been such fun!    They need reminding when the plants need water, and they’ve been lucky that we’ve had a lot of rain!  O is giddy that the sunflowers he planted are ENORMOUS already, especially in comparison to the rest of the little plot!  He’s also pretty proud of the amount of yellow daisy flowers he’s had.  The plant started with just one flower.  G loves her yellow and gold marigolds.

The two little kid plots in my garden.  O is giddy about his gigantic sunflower plant!

The two little kid plots in my garden. O is giddy about his gigantic sunflower plant!


The kids also occasionally help with weeding and watering the veggie garden.  We started heirloom tomato and pepper seeds in March and watched them grow in the greenhouse (“green tent” as G called it).  They really get more enjoyment out of planting those first seeds and watching the seedlings than watching the big plants grow now.  I think it’s because in March all plants are so new again.  Everyone is just so excited to see GREEN stuff.

Little plants in the "green tent."

Little plants in the “green tent.”

Hopefully soon we’ll have some delicious veggies!

Get those kiddos digging!

Get those kiddos digging!

Little plants are not so little anymore!

Little plants are not so little anymore!

Lastly, flowers.  My kids help plant perennials for the garden, but picking them out is mostly my domain.  They might help more in the future.  But G loves them when they are blooming!  One of these days I’d really like to get a whole section of garden just for cut flowers.  Someday!!  This year I added a few plants that butterflies and bees love, and I can’t wait to expand with more of those plants next year.  I’d also like to add more lilies in different varieties.  They are truly my favorite flower.

A lily inherited from my husband's grandmother.

A lily inherited from my husband’s grandmother.

Carefree Celebration shrub rose.

Carefree Celebration shrub rose.

And if you’re wondering my favorite resources for plants, here they are:  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for heirloom veggies.  Jungs, Bruce Company and Flower Factory for perennials, shrubs and trees.  And Stark for fruit trees.  We won’t discuss what happened with our fruit trees.  Fruit trees will be attempted again someday though!


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