Summer Projects: Lapbooks


I’m not a homeschooler, but  I LOVE following homeschool blogs because I get so many great ideas and links for things to do with my kids.  I’m always looking for indoor activities in case of rainy days, illness, and that LONG winter we always have.  So when I came across the lapbook idea, I was hooked.  The crafty part of me loves the cutting and pasting, the lifelong learner in me loves teaching my kids in a new way, and the mom part of me just likes having my kids sit still for awhile and do some handwork!



G and O love lapbooks and always have ideas for new ones for us to do.  I’ve actually been surprised how much they embrace these projects.  They will sit down and complete one from start to finish, which sometimes can take an hour or more.  They are very focused.  Then, they often incorporate them into other activities.  They play school with them.  They use the notes in them to help them identify things in the real world.  For example, we recently did a butterfly lapbook and it had identification cards that you cut out and put in a pocket.  O has used these cards more than once to show me the butterflies he is noticing outside now that it’s finally butterfly season.

Back page of butterfly lapbooks.

Back page of butterfly lapbooks.

Inside of butterfly lapbooks

Inside of butterfly lapbooks.

So how do you do a lapbook?  Simple!  You just check your house for extra file folders (or buy them at an office supply store), fold them up so they open in the middle, and paste stuff in them.  I love this website for lots of great printables to put in your lapbooks. This is also a good resource.   Any Google or Pinterest search will also reveal TONS of printables or links to other people’s lapbook photos.  If I see a great lapbook printable or idea, I print it out and store it in a folder for future use.  I came across this list of lapbooks to go with classic picture books.  Right now  I have printed lapbook papers for a Henry and Mudge lapbook and Peter Rabbit.  O said he wants to do a frog lapbook so I just downloaded that one today.    The possibilities are endless.

Lapbooks about plants.

Lapbooks about plants.


Lapbooks about plants.

Lapbooks about plants.


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