Blooming Madison (aka Magnolias in Madtown)

Magnolia at Olbrich Gardens

Magnolia at Olbrich Gardens

Spring is neato.  Just thought I’d state the obvious.   After a long (LOOOONG) winter, I very much love seeing the first crocuses and daffodils pop up through the soil.  I love the “spring green” color that starts to fill in the brown cracks when you look at a bunch of trees.  And then the flowering trees start to appear.  And so, let me tell you about magnolias.

Magnolias make my family happy because they are pretty much the first tree to blossom in the spring and boy do they ever BLOSSOM.  Big, fragrant blooms make for fun hikes and an excellent reason to get outside in the spring.    Two words.  Olbrich and Arboretum.  “MUST GO” spots in the spring.  Or really anytime.  But especially spring.

My whole family likes to walk around Olbrich.  Pick an evening and go as the sun is starting to set and the magnolias are blooming and you will end up with truly GORGEOUS photos.  We have a ball taking pictures at Olbrich.  I get to practice my photography, and I give the kids my point and shoot and they get to take pictures of whatever they want.

Second, you must check out the tree garden at the Arboretum.  Longenecker Garden is beautiful anytime because of the variety and quantity of trees, but the magnolias are spectacular when in bloom.  The branches go down to the ground and every one will have blooms.  Some of the trees are massive too.  Makes for a fun and fragrant outing.

Enjoying magnolias at Longenecker

Enjoying magnolias at Longenecker


A few weeks later in the spring (right NOW this year….in previous years, it’s been earlier), the crabapples and redbuds will bloom.  Once again, we usually visit Olbrich when these are in bloom.  I can’t get over how pretty blooming trees are!

Redbuds in bloom at Olbrich

Redbuds in bloom at Olbrich

Check out that beautiful blooming tree in the background.

Check out that beautiful blooming tree in the background.

Who wouldn't want to sit here?!

Who wouldn’t want to sit here?!


As a side note, I find that a great little adventure with my kids is combining Olbrich, a picnic, and the dream park in Monona which is part of Winnequah park.

As a side side note I took the magnolia pictures May 5 of this year.  In 2012, the magnolias peaked around March 25. WOW!   This is a crazy late spring!  And we visited Olbrich to see flowering crabs at peak today, May 23.   The picture of the bench above I took on April 29, 2010.  I could have duplicated it today, almost a month later this year!  And Longenecker is at peak for flowering crabs and lilacs right now according to their website.







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