Crochet-edge Fleece Blankets


My new favorite project lately has been fleece blankets with a crochet edge.  Most everyone is familiar with the fleece tie blankets.  They are often two layers of fleece, stacked together, sliced along the edges, then tied together.  This is a popular method for making blankets, especially for donation to a program like Project Linus.   Fleece tie blankets are snuggly and easy and can make great gifts and donations, but I decided I wanted to try to up the ante a bit.  I love giving homemade gifts to people, but making an entirely crocheted afghan can take me YEARS!  (Not lying.  This one took me 10 years (I put it down a few times and started up again later but STILL): IMG_9941


SO.  I came across a couple different blog posts and Pinterest pins that showed fleece blankets with a crochet edge.  I decided that this would be my thing.  Easy.  Turns out great.



First thing you will need is a skip stitch rotary cutting blade.  I bought mine here.  Second, fleece.  You can make one-layer or two-layer blankets.

One Layer

One Layer

Two Layer

Two Layer

Cut the fleece to your desired size.  See a handy chart and jumping off point here.  For the most part, I eyeball it or just use the amount of fleece I have (minus the edges, of course).  I made a massive one to cover my daughter’s double bed; and I’ve made baby ones and everything in between.  I prefer the two-layer because it is heavier and warmer and feels more like a blanket I’m used to.  But this is coming from a person that lives in a place with very cold winters!

Next, line up the fleece, one layer on top of the other, and lay them on a cutting mat.  Use the rotary blade to score holes all along the edge.  I used a ruler to hold things down and cut along the ruler, about 1/2 inch or so from the edge.  Doesn’t have to be perfect.  There is a lot of room for error in these blankets!

Last, find a yarn you like and crochet the two layers together!  I typically start with a sc-ch-sc-ch pattern, using the holes all the way around the blanket.  For my second round, I fancy it up depending on the recipient and pattern on the fleece.  If it’s a girl, I do a scallop (maybe sc-hdc-dc-hdc-sc in one sc, sl st  in next sc, repeat).  A boy or gender-neutral baby blanket: hdc all the way around.  Really, you can be creative.  I often putz with the yarn I’m using a couple of  times after the first round until I figure out something I like.

A hint:  always use a washable yarn.  When you give a blanket to somebody, especially a kid, you ALWAYS want it to be completely machine washable!

Here are some more examples:


This whole process can also be done with flannel.  Comfy and cozy too!  Perfect for a baby.

This whole process can also be done with flannel. Comfy and cozy too! Perfect for a baby.





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  1. LOVE this! I have the fleece to do a double-sided one for a new nephew arriving this December and I’ve been trying to find a post on how to do it. I started doing squares for an afghan for my current nephew before he was born (two years ago…) and still haven’t finished it, haha, so I figure for this one I need a quicker project. 🙂

    I’m going to need to buy a cutting mat – do you use a big one or will moving the blanket multiple times on a smaller one work? (I’ve been pricing them and blanket-sized ones aren’t cheap!)

    • I use a smaller one! I inherited it. It’s about 20 inches by 24 inches. I move it around as needed. While I’m sure it’s’ much easier to use a large mat, I get the job done relatively easily with a small mat.

  2. Do you sew the 2 pieces of fleece together before you use the rotary cutter? Or is easy enough to line up the holes without doing that? Cant wait to try this

    • I don’t sew the two pieces together. They “stick” together pretty well. I do use a few pins until I get the first round crocheted. I use maybe 3 pins per side, just in case I drop the whole thing or something. I’ve never had a problem lining up the holes!! I just did a double layer today and it took maybe 2 hours to cut the fleece, use the skip blade and crochet the first round.

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