Find a Farm: Top 5 for Fall Fun


My favorite time of the year is summer.  But then there is fall.  And well, okay maybe that’s my favorite.  I can’t decide!  The best part of fall though…..FARM FUN!  I love all the area play time farms.  Here is my review, synopsis and recommendations regarding the fun farms in the Madison area that offer Fall Harvest fun.

Number 5 on the list is Sutter’s Ridge.  See my previous post on this farm.  I like this one because it is small and has a beautiful setting, but still offers plenty of fun for kids and adults.

Number 4:  Eugster’s.  I also have a previous post on this farm.  This farm probably has the best barnyard animals to see.  Bottle feeding the goats is fun, the baby highland cow is adorable right now, and the chickens are awesome.

The pumpkin patch at Eugster's

The pumpkin patch at Eugster’s

Number 3: Schuster’s Playtime Farm.  This farm has a large playground area.  The play structures (Noah’s Ark, tractor, jungle gym, tire playground, fort, slide) are wonderful here…the biggest plus for this farm.  The animals are just meh.  I’m never impressed with the cleanliness, although the kitties were extremely friendly and playful here this year.  There is also a jumping pillow that is super fun.  This farm offers a large corn maze, but it costs additional cash. The hayride to the pumpkin patch is nice and runs non-stop on weekends.

Jumping Pillow fun at Schuster's

Jumping Pillow fun at Schuster’s

Number 2:  Busy Barns.  This is probably the cleanest of all the farms.  They have a HUGE variety of play things and a wide variety of animals.  To be honest, I haven’t yet been to their fall festival.  We were there for the spring event and have just caught glimpses of friends’ photos during the fall festival.  This farm offers so many fun photo oppurtunities.  The spring farm festival was well-run, and the kids had so much fun with the slides and tires and more.

Number 1:  Waldvogel’s.  This was the first fall festival farm we went to after we had kids, and it really is the best in my opinion.  We’ve been back a few times now.  The amount of activities available, especially on weekends, is phenomenal.  Included in the cost is a train ride (a tractor that looks like a train and train cars….really pretty cool) that no other farm offers.  There are two haunted areas, a mine and a house.  The mine was not scary and last fall, my 4 yr old loved that.  The slide here is the fastest around.  It is so much fun….even for adults.  They usually have a MASSIVE hay pile to climb and play on.  The corn maze is included.   The hayride to the pumpkin patch is free.  There is a big barn with picnic tables to eat at and it’s enclosed so you can kind of warm up.  They have mini golf.  They have actual toilets that flush.  There is weekend entertainment (bands, face painting, magicians).  The list goes on  and on.  Maybe the only downfall is that there really are not a lot of animals…and it’s kind of a long drive depending on where you live in Madison.

Running for the train at Waldvogel's

Running for the train at Waldvogel’s

Runners up:  Appleberry Farm (the BEST fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts) and Eplegaarden (tons of varieties of apples to pick).


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