Find a Farm: Eugster’s



With autumn upon us, it is prime time for farm fun.  There are many wonderful farms to visit in the area with tons of fall activities.  BUT that’s for another post.  THIS post is about a farm you can visit all summer long and even now, before all the fall festivals.  While Eugster’s Farm Market DOES do farm festivals, they are a lovely farm to visit in the summer too!  During late summer, we visited there and had a great day.  This farm has so many animals to see and activities.  You can feed the baby goats with baby bottles of milk.  There is a Kitty palace where you can sit with kittens and give them all sorts of love and attention.  There are chickens to feed and watch.  There are turkeys, a donkey, cows, and more.  You can milk a pretend cow, see a beehive in action, play with tricycles, dig in a huge sandbox and swing on the multiple swingsets.  There is a phenomenal vegetable garden that you can have the kiddos help water with water they pumped themselves from a well.  The garden was absolutely gorgeous with masses of huge tomatoes, sunflowers, beautiful cabbages…..and on and on.  There are tractors to crawl on.  There is also a store with ice cream….a great treat after a fun day exploring.  We also bring lunch to picnic with here…there are picnic tables to eat at.

Fall is our favorite time for farms, so stay tuned for reviews of many of them coming soon!

Giving the baby goats some milk.

Giving the baby goats some milk.

Milking a pretend cow.

Milking a pretend cow.


Waiting for friends.

Waiting for friends.


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