Raspberries and String Cheese



MMMM.  Sounds like a good snack to me.  A favorite  late summer outing for me and my kids is raspberry picking.  We often go more than once.  They are just delicious right off the bush, and it’s yet another nice way to spend some time outdoors.   We are in the midst of raspberry season and you might be able to keep picking right until first frost, depending on the site.   A favorite place to pick is Lapacek’s Orchard.    This is a wonderful place to stop.  They are the nicest family and their orchard and farm are top notch.  The raspberry picking is easy and fun.  There are playsets and a tractor tire playground to play on too.  G loves to find the baby kitties all around to pet, and we always say hi to the goats and chickens.  While we always go there to pick raspberries, they also have blueberries in season, and of course, APPLES.  So if you go right now, first, pick your own raspberries (check their website or call to verify picking times), then grab a bag of whatever apple is fresh off their trees.  Doesn’t matter the variety.  They are all delicious.   I LOVE apples.  But that’s another post….



After we visit Lapacek’s, we always swing over to Sassy Cow Creamery since it is relatively close to the orchard.  Sassy Cow is amazing.  First of all, the ice cream……YUM.  They have all the usual amazing flavors, with some other awesome ones like Purple Cow and Salted Caramel.  Second, the string cheese.  Absolutely the BEST string cheese you will ever taste.  Cesar makes the cheese right there.  It is fun to watch.  Cesar and his wife hand pull the string cheese.  You can pull a stool right up to the window and watch them at their craft.  We’ve been there and Cesar will come out with fresh samples to try.  Still warm.  SO GOOD.  Last time we were there, I left with 3 packages to go home with.  It was still not enough.  Sometimes, you can watch the milk bottling process as well.  The view from the picnic spot is beautiful too.  We bring a picnic sometimes and eat.  With ice cream after of course.

The view from the picnic spot at Sassy Cow.  Ah...Wisconsin

The view from the picnic spot at Sassy Cow. Ah…Wisconsin

Another great spot to pick raspberries is Sutter’s Ridge outside of Mt Horeb.  This is a lovely gem hidden off the main drag.  Beautiful setting, plentiful berries, and the rows of bushes go on forever.  Bring cash though since you pay by putting money into a jar when you leave.

Rows and rows of raspberries at Sutter's Ridge last summer.

Rows and rows of raspberries at Sutter’s Ridge last summer.

What should you do with all those raspberries?  I don’t know.  To be honest, we just end up eating them up before I ever need to “do” something with them.  Someday I might pick enough so that I can make jam before they all get eaten.  It will take a LOT of berries to get to that point!


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