This time of year is so beautiful for many reasons, but one of them is because of the many types of flowers that are in bloom.  That and all the veggies and fruits.  So many veggies and fruits.  But that’s a blog post for another time.  I love to explore gardens with my children, especially when there are so many flowers in bloom and trails to explore.  This is a reason we love Olbrich Gardens.  But today we explored Pope Farm Conservancy for one main reason: Sunflowers.  They have a HUGE field of gorgeous sunflowers that they rotate through their crop fields each year.  Last year’s sunflower field is where the corn field is this year.  The sunflowers are pretty much peak right now, so if you get a few minutes to stop with your kids…do it.  There is easy parking, well-groomed trails (grassy….not the easiest for strollers), and picnic tables.  One of my favorite picnic spots is under the huge tree near the rock wall.  It’s beautiful.  The elevation is such that you can see all the way to Lake Mendota and across many fields.  The kids love to explore the trails and it is such a fun place to take photos.  Just be aware that this is a popular time for photographers, so the conservancy is much busier than normal.  In my experience, it’s best to go during business hours during the week.  Evenings and weekends are busy right now.  Tonight there were a number of professional photographers there.  This can be fun to watch though too….they bring all sorts of fun props.  We saw photos done with yellow umbrellas and balloons, a tea party setup and all sorts of fun outfit changes for the subjects.


IMG_1664 edit


The other fields can be just as interesting to some kids.  My kids were fascinated by the oat field for some reason.  Just explore and have fun!

Inspecting the oat field.

Inspecting the oat field.

If your kiddos need to burn even MORE energy after exploring these trails, just zoom on down the road a block or so to Pioneer park.  There is a nice playground and more picnic facilities there.

Enjoy the sunflowers!


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