Reading and Roses


One of my very favorite places in all of Madison is Olbrich Gardens. I go there multiple times of the year with the kids, and it is always wonderful.  There are different things in bloom at all times of the spring/summer/fall, but late June is when the Rose Garden is in peak bloom, and it is AMAZING.

Imagine the scent in this part of the garden!  Heavenly!

Imagine the scent in this part of the garden! Heavenly!

Today we had a beautiful sunny day and decided to check out the roses.   Now, backing up a bit, this summer we (me and the kids) decided that we would have some fun “reading days” where we take our books to fun spots to read and relax.  We always do the library reading program, and books are a huge part of our lives anyway.  So today we decided to do a “Reading by the Roses” day.  We packed up some picture books and a chapter book and brought them along.  The kids were on a mission to find the perfect shady bench near the roses.  We found one that had a great view of flowers and we could hear the nearest fountain bubbling.  We read our books and a chapter of our Junie B book.   It was fun and unique!  I like the idea of teaching kids that they can bring their books along anywhere, and it will always be a relaxing way to unwind….especially in a wonderful setting like Olbrich.   Later, we just explored like usual.  Do not miss out on the opportunity to take your kids to Olbrich.  It is just a great place to explore.



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