Fun little day trip: Argyle and Toy Trains


If you have a train-obsessed child, then you must, at some point in his/her life check out the Toy Train Barn in Argyle.  This place is….well…crazy.  The owner, a railroad worker by trade, has converted his barn into a showroom for multiple sets of toy trains.  While this alone is interesting, he one-ups any other hobbyist I’ve seen by using his ingenious ideas to convert random things into parts of the moving, lit-up city.  The owner’s wife took me all through the sets and showed me all sorts of spots where things had been converted.  There is an old printer that has been made into elevators in a building.  Old microwave keypads turn the trains on.  Little pogo-stick jumping figures are jumping by way of a toaster.  The grass on the hillsides in some spots is old bathroom towels.  It’s amazing.  Their is a little drive-in theater that plays real movies.  Smoke comes out of a little burning building.  My son examined EVERYTHING.  He would have stayed longer. We were there for about an hour and a half.  My daughter, on the other hand, was not as interested and liked playing with the resident dog much more.  If you go, remember that this is a private residence, you are turning onto their driveway.  You feel a little silly at first, but trust me, they LOVE showing guests around.  They are the nicest couple.  I suggest going!


After the Toy Train Barn, we stopped at a park in Argyle.  This is a large park, right off the main drag.  We had a picnic and played on the playground.  There is also a plane and veteran’s memorial.  Turned out to be a great little outing that was not that far of a drive from Madison.



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