The Jet Room


Today we had a late breakfast (okay in kid time…it was lunch) at Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room Restaurant.  This is located in the Wisconsin Aviation building by the Madison airport.  This place was great!  I highly recommend it for anyone, but especially those with kids.  It was a Sunday so the place was packed.  We waited for a table, but the wait flew by (hardy har har) since there are comfy chairs to wait in and large picture windows to look out and watch the planes take off and land.  You are sitting right by the runway used by private and charter planes.  My kids were fascinated by the small prop planes.  On top of that, they handed out small plastic airplanes for the kids to play with and keep.  We were then given a table with a great view of the runway and very much enjoyed our breakfast food.  The price is a little steeper than other breakfast restaurants, but for a special outing….worth it!  The kids loved it and want to go back “130 times!”  We got to see an airport fire truck go by, multiple planes land and take off, and a small plane get refueled.  It was great!



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