Crafty tutorial: Easy Yo Yo Headband




I am very new to the world of fabric, but let me tell you, I am HOOKED.  I have been a papercrafter for years and years, and fabric just opens up so many more possibilities for fun crafts!  So this is one of my first fabric crafts.  I love these headbands because they work up quick and fast. and they can match dresses that I sew for my daughter PERFECTLY.  


First off, gather your supplies.  I used two sizes of yo yo makers for these headbands.  It IS possible to make them without a maker but I’m not patient enough.  Here is a tutorial on THAT if you feel so inclined:

Next, read the directions on your yo yo maker and make your yo yos!  Stick the fabric in, snap the thingy shut and stitch it up.  They are super fast and easy.  There is no science to the fabric circle at all, I just cut around it, leaving a little at the top sticking out.  No measuring or anything.  Pop the fabric out and peel it off from the smaller circle.  Lastly, pull the thread of your yo yo to scrunch it all together.  I always make two smaller yo yos in one fabric and one larger yo yo in a matching but different fabric.



And last, hot glue your three yo yos onto a headband.  I picked up a 6 pack of plain-ish headbands in different colors at Target.  I hot glue the yo yos slightly off center so they are off to the side when the headband is in her hair.  SO CUTE.  I also add bling in the middle because really….how can you not?



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