First Adventure of the Summer!


A favorite day spent with my kids almost always involves an adventure.  We like to pick a place to explore and play, bring along a picnic lunch, and head out.  So our first choice for Summer 2013 was to go to Janesville.  We grabbed some friends to bring along and explored Rotary Gardens, which is beautiful at any time of the summer.  My kids and I love gardens.  This one is no exception.  They were off and running!


The tree peonies were favorites since they were so fragrant, and the alliums are beautiful throughout the property right now!  We then headed over to Palmer park which is VERY close to Rotary.  We had a picnic lunch and played at the Camden playground, a wonderful dream park.  


After everyone was thoroughly worn out, moms included, we packed up and headed home.  This is a great little day trip.  About an hour drive, not too far, just long enough to get a little nap in on the way home.  If the kids weren’t sleeping in the car on the drive home, we could have stopped at Culver’s for some ice cream!



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